Looking for a way to make your business stand out?
We’ve got you covered.

Unique. Effective. Intriguing.

At Popupshopup we provide space that stands out.

Popupshopup was established with the goal of providing a one stop shop for businesses to launch their ideas and promote their products and services in a completely new way.

The Popupshopup Outlet does just that. A glowing, portable, self-maintained, configurable and branded space that can be used for a range of business and organisational requirements to engage with the public and add vibrancy and excitement to the areas in which they operate.

The same Popupshopup Outlet could appear in the city one day then a festival, private event or beach the next.

Popupshopup Outlets are architecturally designed showcase structures that stand out wherever they are placed. Popupshopup provides everyone from local budding entrepreneurs to global brands with a flexible and cost effective solution to promote their products and services to the masses in an endless range of sought after areas.