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Popupshopup was created to connect the exciting ideas of entrepreneurs and businesses with vacant space full of possibilities and opportunities. We aim to find as many of these retail, bar, restaurant, office, warehouse and unique spaces as possible to fill with these with the incredible range of ideas to add excitement, vibrancy and liveliness to the community. If you have a space list it. If you can’t find the space but have one in mind tell us. We’re as excited as you are.

City Centres

City Centres are dominated by reputable international brands as they seek to engage in a busy public arena with the highest footfall. They are great for brand exposure and increased brand awareness and offer a sure fast way to test an idea or run a business.


Different suburbs have different demographics which gives you the option of finding what type of people best match your target market. Not only is the demographic important but so is the surrounding area. You may want to launch a surf store close to the beach or a coffee shop close to a train station. Finding this match is vital to the launch of your idea so plan carefully.

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are retail focused areas that operate solely to attract people with a buying mentality. Although competition amongst a tight group of retailers is high these spaces are almost guaranteed to give your brand exposure and offer a great opportunity to increase sales. People visiting shopping centres are also familiar with pop up shops and intrigued by what’s new on offer. They are often owned by property developers so prices can be higher but the high sales returns are the reason for this.

Market Stalls

If you after a fun and cost affective atmosphere and space look no further than market stalls. Markets are often events in themselves and generate their own crowd regardless of your marketing input. They offer an exciting mix of retail, food, beverage and bits and bobs drawing a range of individuals. These stalls are often very small with little set up required and as such are a very cost effective way of popping up. If you’re after simple and direct interaction with the public you can’t go wrong.


Gallery spaces are the ultimate blank canvas. You’ll be amazed at what you are able to showcase and create is such a space. Galleries are perfect for exclusive and large events or if you are looking to showcase something special. As an added bonus most spaces in this class are allowed to be open late and host night-time events.


Offices are a professional environment but different types of office space can suit a range of purposes. Warehouse style offices are open and can be used for pop up forums and standard office space can be used for one off meetings whether local or in another city.

Unique Spaces

You’ll be amazed at the types of spaces available on the market, from rooftops, theatres, gardens, warehouses and more with these unique spaces offer a truly amazing experience. Let your creativity and imagination run wild and make the experience extra special. A roof top restaurant, under ground fashion show or garden concert... why not!

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