Getting the word out

After you have selected and secured a space and decided on a fit out, it’s critical to spread the word about your idea. Whether you’re a one man band or small business you don’t have to worry about not having access to a large or dedicated marketing company.

With social media, online platforms and creativity you can create the same effect yourself in the weeks leading up to your opening. If however you do want some extra help, we have the service network just for that.

Focus on the why

Why is your idea and space exciting? It’s an important question to ask yourself and one that you need to convey to the public and media in order to create a buzz. Once you have identified why people would want to visit your space, think outside the box and be creative.

Target Market

Identifying who you want to visit your pop up shop is vital in deciding how best to market it. This should have already been considered when choosing your space and as part of this, visiting the area to get a feel for the type of people is always a good idea. Your target market may impact your space set up, atmosphere and promotions so plan ahead.

Press Release

Make a list of newspapers, blogs, websites and magazines you want to be featured in and contact the people responsible for each.

Don’t be afraid to let them know about your space and invite them along to cover it, you’ll be amazed at how willing people are to share your story. It’s important to create a professional press release and email to send to the local media. Make it personal and simple including your idea, the location, the brand and the dates. Get some ideas by looking up the latest news stories and identify the structure it follows so you can write it in a similar style. If that story has been successfully posted there’s a good chance having yours following that style will also work. Be sure to break it up with an interesting introduction, facts and headings to improve your chances of it being read and used.

Give them a few weeks notice beforehand and be sure to follow up with them leading up to the event.

Social Media

Social media is an extremely cost effective and simple way of generating word of mouth advertising. If you’re already using social media to promote your brand, keep adding to it; share photos of the space, your products, the construction of the space and other useful information. Creating an event is a great way of gathering commitment to boost the number of visitors to your space before even launching.

Setting a plan for when you’re going to post news, what type of news and who to (through paid for advertising) is a great way to stay on top of your digital marketing.


Ensuring people know what is going on inside your space is vital in getting them in the door. A bit of ‘unknown’ can often generate great interest but to avoid people just window shopping make sure your signage and promotions are clear. Consider the type of signage you want, whether you need pull up banners, flyers, bags or whatever else you can think of.


Promotions are a great way of encouraging people to visit your space before you’ve actually moved in. Whether it’s a discount on stock, the availability of a limited edition item or prize draw if you visit the space, finding ways to increase visitors is a sure winner. Be sure to give people plenty of notice and give people the chance to take advantage of this while in your store too.

Get out there and connect

A pop up store or event is all about connecting and interacting with people. Don’t be shy, invite anyone and everyone into your space and greet them with a smile. Even after you’ve moved out follow up with your new customers, interested bloggers and media outlets and keep at your social media activity.

Here to Help

As part of the Popupshopup treatment we also do our bit to spread the word about your idea. We will feature the idea and space on our website and social media and also share it with our media partners who will hopefully run a story on you. It’s all part of our service!

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