The agreement

We don’t like the lengthy, confusing and long term leases associated with launching an idea or using a space. That’s why at popupshopup we have sorted it for you with our standardised legals which simplify the entire process for you at no extra cost. Once you have found your perfect space and been approved you will be made an ‘offer’. This offer is provided by the landlord and it is their decision as to whether they use the standard legals we provide free of charge or upload their own agreement. It is important you review this before accepting the offer and paying for your space as it is a legally bound document between you and them. If you are ever unsure about anything simply ask.

What can I do with my space?

With a range of exciting ideas and events seeking all types of spaces the question is often asked 'what can I do with my space'. Reviewing the space rules on the individual space listing is always a good place to start. More often than not you will have some amazing vision and ideas for what to do with the space to make your idea come to life in the best way possible which is why we have provided a simple to use enquiry form and messenger tool. Ask away!


There is normally a lot you can do with your space but one item to pay particular attention to is whether a license is required. If for example you wish to serve alcohol in your space for an event you must first check with the landlord and then ensure that whoever is serving the alcohol has the correct license. Failure to do so can result in severe penalties so like we always say, ask questions and be sure first. Check out our other guides for more information in this area.


Nearly all our spaces will require that you have some form of insurance to use them. The insurance requirements will be detailed on the space listing page but if you are unsure simply ask. We have partnered up with a local insurance company who have put together a tailored package just for our users at a reduced rate. If you require insurance simply contact us and we will set you on your way with a package in no time.

Damage & disputes

It is expected that the space will be provided to you in a clean and hazard free manner. If you are not satisfied with the state of the space be sure to let the landlord know immediately. You must then return the space at the end of your hire period exactly as you found it. If there are damages the best thing you can do is notify the landlord immediately and let them know it will be fixed up straight away. Failure to do so can result in you being denied a space again and will result in legal action to chase up any damage costs and that can get messy which no one wants. We want a community of happy users so play your part.

Using popupshopup

We don’t ask much as we are here to serve you but it is very important that you read up and abide by our terms of use. Making arrangements and payments for a space outside of our website is a big no-no and will result in a permanent ban. It also means you are susceptible to whatever legal agreement is set by the landlord which we have no control over and won’t be here to assist should anything go wrong. We’ve set this site up to be as helpful as possible so if we can assist further or improve in any way please let us know!

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