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Popupshopup is here to find your idea the perfect space to live whether it is for one night or one year. There are a number of key considerations for finding the perfect space for your idea.

The location you choose should contain your target market in the area and must take into account the surroundings. Would you prefer to be in the middle of the city or closer to the beach? Different space types will attract different prices so setting a budget is always a good idea. It may determine how close to your desired area you can go or how long you can operate the space for.

How you want to use the space will determine whether licenses are required and if restrictions are in place. Are you hoping to sell alcohol and food or is your idea more straight forward? How long you want to open for each day is another important factor and is often determined by the set operating hours of a space. Are you happy just popping up for a few hours on a busy weeknight or would you prefer to run a more standard 8-5 operation?

Visiting the space at you desired time of operation is often a good way to get a feel for all of these things. Now let’s get popping.

Types of space

We work alongside local and national owners and managers of all types of exciting spaces from retail and warehouse to offices, bars, outdoors, restaurants and unique spots. Each space listing contains important information about how the space can be used, what it contains, what you can bring to set up and other important information like operating hours.

How you wish to use that space is largely up to you. Be sure to check the space rules under each individual space listing and if you’re still unsure simply ask! Also if you already have a space in mind but can’t see it listed be sure to let us know and we will do our best to help out.

The areas

Different areas are suitable for different purposes.

From city centres and shopping centres to markets, offices and unique locations, there is a space to suit any budget and requirement.

Be sure to check out our types of spaces guide for more information.

The process

Enquiries about a space are commitment free so if you have a few short listed we suggest you enquire about them all.

The process is incredibly simple. Once you have entered your dates and give us a bit more information about how you wish to use the space and what your idea is, we will review it along with the landlord. If approved the landlord can ask further questions and then proceed to make you an ‘offer’. This offer will either be using our standard legals or their own agreement which you can read through. When you are happy, you can complete the space booking through our secure online portal. If you have any questions at any time the messenger tool allows you to quickly send and receive messages.

Your popup assistant is always on hand to help throughout and also serves to help setting up your space.

Setting up

We know how exciting launching a pop up and also what goes into it. That’s why we’ve compiled these helpful guides and provide all the services to get your space looking amazing in preparation for your launch.

Our popupshopup service network offers help with photography, videography, equipment hire, catering, printing, public relations and shop fitting (to name a few). If you’re happy setting up your space yourself that’s fantastic, just make sure you check the space rules and if you have any questions about making changes to the space that it’s all approved by the land owner first.

Types of questions

Some good questions to ask before selecting a space include:

  • Can i make amendments to the space?
  • Can i put display signs outside?
  • What is the locations capacity?
  • What hours can i trade in?
  • How can i access deliveries?
  • Can i serve food and beverages?

These questions and more are generally covered on the space page but if you have other questions you can check out our faq, submit an enquiry or simply contact us. We’re always here to help.

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